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Can’t connect to Google Cloud SQL instance from my application on Android

I’m trying to connect to a Google Cloud SQL Database instance using the Google Cloud SQL Java Client API. This is what I am using to make the connection:
instance = client
.get(“my-project-id”, “my-instance-name”)

I know that I have the rights to connect to the instance because I have been testing from the Cloud SQL dashboard and it has worked fine.
However, when the app is downloaded to a physical Android device I get a NetworkOnMainThreadException.
If I delete the external IP associated with the device, then the App is granted a network request and the connection is successful.
I would like to avoid using the emulator for testing.


Looking at the NetworkOnMainThreadException, and knowing this comes from Google, your mobile device in question has to have the same IP address as the tablet/browser running the desktop app. It would suggest that the emulator doesn’t.

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