Save the children (STC)

Information about STC in Sierra Leone can be found on their website.

In 2012, STC mounted large-scale emergency response and helped control the cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone. In 2014/15 STC managed the 80- bed Ebola Treatment Unit in Kerry Town with over 500 frontline medical staff and provided staff at primary health clinics with supplies and training for infection prevention and control. On January 6, a milestone was reached, with the 100th survivor of Ebola being released from the unit. Their staff are leading the scale-up of child registration, family tracing and reunification activities. They also provide counselling, food and clothing to children who return to their families or to an alternative caregiver. They have provided financial support, as well as toys, clothes and food, to interim care centers for unaccompanied and orphaned children. New developments include:

  • Supporting the government-led operation in the Western Urban Area, which is reporting continued Ebola hotspots, by distributing personal protective equipment to 105 primary health units (PHU), constructing screening stations in 20 PHUs, and undertaking door-to-door sensitization with community health workers.
  • Engaging over 700 stakeholders in Ebola safe burial and the “No Touch Policy” training.
  • Conducting radio discussions with Ebola survivors and our local partner on the negative impact of stigmatization on children.
  • Conducting sensitization on radio learning programs and distributed solar radios to school management committees, councillors, principals and other stakeholders in eight chiefdoms.
  • In addition to the Ebola related work, STC implemented the EveryOne campaign, raising community awareness and advocating for increased government expenditure on the Free Health Care Initiative.

Save operate in Kailahun and Pujehun Districts as well as Freetown slum areas – the focus of their health work in RMNCH

They are a member of Health Co (formerly the Ebola Response Consortium)