Medicins Sans Frontieres

According to their website:

MSF have operations in Kambia, Magburaka, Freetown, Bo, Kenema, Kailahun and Koinadugu.

“In Tonkolili district, MSF supports the paediatric ward, maternity and neonatal services and the blood transfusion laboratory at Magburaka district hospital, and also assists Magburaka mother and child health post with staff and supplies. In Yoni Chiefdom (Hinistas), MSF provides emergency obstetric care in a community health centre. In 2016, a total of 21,180 outpatient and 6,245 antenatal consultations were conducted, 2,996 children were admitted to the paediatric ward and 1,457 deliveries were assisted.

In April, MSF started a project in Koinadugu to reduce the maternal, neonatal and child mortality in the district. MSF rehabilitated Kabala hospital, extending the capacity of the paediatric ward from 15 to 45 beds and creating a three-bed neonatal ward. Between April and December, 1,660 children under the age of 12 were admitted for treatment, 148 of them for severe acute malnutrition. Teams  provided care to 1,185 pregnant women, assisted 783 deliveries, including 111 caesarean sections, and registered 1,240 people for family planning.

The project also provides healthcare to Ebola survivors – 48 patients are currently being followed up. The team screened 23,197 people for the disease (none tested positive).  Screening is also available for malaria and HIV.

Teams in Koinadugu monitor the nutrition situation and respond to emergencies and disease outbreaks. In May, 65,159 children were vaccinated against measles.”