Medical Research Centre

Medical Research Centre (MRC) is a local health NGO. It is active in 3 districts (Bo, Tonkolili, Bombali) and at national level. It is involved in community health care, primary health care, ambulance referral services, operational research and human resources for health.  MRC’s work focuses on pregnant and lactating women and children under five. More information is available on their website.

Skilled attendance is a key element in MRC’s health program. This involves a skilled attendant with an enabling environment. The skills are obtained through formal, post-basic and on the job trainings. The enabling environment includes drugs, supplies, medical equipment, logistics and infrastructure. MRC comprehensively supports skilled attendance at 32 PHUs in 7 chiefdoms in Bo, Tonkolili and Bombali Districts.

They use the international IMNCI (integrated management of childhood and neonatal illness) and EMONC (emergency obstetric and neonatal care) strategies to address skilled attendance for Reproductive and Child Health. Malaria and HIV prevention and control are other key elements of MRC’s Health Program.

MRC built (2010) and continues to support the new midwifery school in Makeni (School of Midwifery Makeni or SOMM).

They also work in close cooperation with district and city council, hospitals, communities and district health management teams in its operational areas and with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation at national level to achieve a better health and health care system for Sierra Leoneans.

Finally, it is involved in (operational) research, capacity building and networking for research in Sierra Leone.