The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), according to itsĀ website:

“is targeting Kambia District as a key region for aid. Comprehensive regional development is currently underway through the cooperation of health sector as well as agriculture, water supply and youth support.

  • Period of Commitment: Three years, beginning May 2008
  • Total Amount of Aid: 209 million yen
  • Executing Agency: Kamia District Health Management Team (DHMT)

The Rural Health Improvement Project aims to enhance the Kambia District Health Management Team’s (DHMT) capability to provide health care administrative services based on community needs. Team members will receive training through the project, while district hospitals and village clinics will be linked by a new health care information system. Furthermore, the operations and maintenance management of village clinics will be improved through dialog with local communities, and some support will be provided to design and implement a district health care activity plan.”

It is not clear how up to date this is. There are no operational plans available online.