Irish Aid

Irish Aid is a bilateral organisation. In Sierra Leone their primary focus is on nutrition and food security.

According to their website,

“Working with our development partners, we support:

  • Smallholder commercialisation programmes that promote crop intensification, production and diversification
  • School feeding programmes and community management of acute malnutrition
  • The refurbishment of health infrastructure, specifically paediatric wards

Our partners include the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, the World Food Programme and UNICEF. Ireland is also working jointly with the United States in Freetown in the area of nutrition with a focus on the crucial first ‘1000 days of life’.

As part of our work we also have a strong focus on promoting greater accountability to citizens . We are providing support for the work of Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission, the Sierra Leone Human Rights Commission, the International Rescue Committee to address gender-based violence and we provided financial assistance for the 2012 elections.”

The most recent annual report presented on their website is from 2011. Please could some update this wiki page with more up to date information about Irish Aid’s current projects and programmes.