Handicap International

According to it’s website:

When the Ebola epidemic hit Sierra Leone, Handicap International opted to maintain its presence in the country, so that it could continue to provide its expertise in emergency humanitarian operations and protection of the most vulnerable people. The organisation will continue to manage a fleet of ambulances covering the entire Freetown region (the country’s capital) until the crisis ends. These ambulances and their personnel apply a very strict decontamination protocol to prevent the virus from spreading. To protect other members of the household from contamination, teams equipped with spray guns accompany the ambulances on each trip and disinfect the rooms where sick people have been staying. At the height of the epidemic, more than 200 people were working on this project.

Since the fall in the rate of contamination, Handicap International has also been able to resume its activities in the areas of mother and child health and education.

The organisation has been working in Sierra Leone since 1996. Its first projects were launched to support the victims of the civil war. Handicap International fits amputees with prosthetic limbs and offers psychological support.