German Leprosy and TB relief association (DAHW)

DAHW have been active in Sierra Leone since 1966.

In addition to “normal” leprosy work, DAHW started to provide persons affected by leprosy in Sierra Leone with special orthopaedic footwear in 1974. Initially these special shoes were not imported from Europe but produced locally in Makeni and generally were custom-made. The civil war put an end to much of this work. After 1991 the teams from DAHW and its partners were only able to provide care for people near to the large cities. It was only after 2000 that nationwide leprosy work became possible again.

Current DAHW activities

Medical personnel receive basic and advanced training from DAHW to ensure that leprosy and TB sufferers are given the correct diagnosis followed by the correct therapy. People with disabilities receive support from DAHW by means of vocational basic and advanced training as well as social programmes. The rampant Ebola epidemic in 2014 brought all this work to an almost complete standstill and has also made it difficult to re-establish nationwide leprosy and TB control work. Moreover, poor infrastructure is making it even more difficult to reach out to people in rural areas.

DAHW investment (2014): 295,574.91 euros