Current activity:

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) has 26 projects currently active in Sierra Leone. Details can be found on their development tracker.

Information taken from that development tracker:

Access to Security and Justice in Sierra Leone [GB-1-201018]

Budget: £19,634,414Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To increase access to responsive, accountable and effective security and justice services, especially for the poor, vulnerable and those living in remote and marginalised communities.

Africa Division funding to the African Agriculture Development Company (AgDevCo) [GB-1-204270]

Budget: £99,211,211Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To evaluate and improve AgDevCo’s facility to leverage private sector investment in Africa agribusiness and agricultural infrastructure and stimulate cross border trade in targeted countries, which will generate jobs and income for smallholder farmers and women. The evaluation is also to ensure accountability, demonstrate how funds are spent, and ensure value for money of DFID investments in AgDevCo by 2020.To support poverty reduction and increased food security through catalysing additional private sector investment in agribusiness and agricultural infrastructure and increasing agricultural cross border trade in targeted countries, generating jobs and income for smallholders

Ebola Central Health Care Supply Chain Platform [GB-1-204917]

Budget: £19,141,930Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To sustain the UK Ebola response in Sierra Leone by providing a central Health Care Supply Chain Platform

Financial Aid: Building Core Systems in the Government of Sierra Leone [GB-1-205192]

Budget: £25,000,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve core systems in public financial management, revenue and procurement to underpin sustained poverty reduction and economic development.

GREAT for Partnership Programme [GB-1-205191]

Budget: £35,203,140Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

GREAT for Partnership will multiply the UK’s development impact by boosting partnerships between UK’s institutions and their counterparts in the developing world. It will leverage the skills and expertise from a range of UK institutions and supply them initially to DFID partner countries, based on tailored demand. It will initially prioritise the Extractives, Financial Accountability & Anti-Corruption and Health sectors


Budget: £139,347,939Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

Reduced recourse to unsafe abortion and increased use of family planning for women (especially marginalised and young)

Improving access to agricultural markets in Sierra Leone [GB-1-205171]

Budget: £10,650,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

Improved access to markets for agricultural producers through the rehabilitation, construction and maintenance of feeder roads in Sierra Leone

Increasing access to electricity in Sierra Leone [GB-1-205188]

Budget: £32,413,796Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To increase access to improved, affordable and sustainable electricity supply for human development and wealth creation in Sierra Leone by 2018. through a combination of interventions supporting hard infrastructure, institutional reform and operational improvement.

Leh Wi Learn – Sierra Leone Secondary Education Improvement Programme [GB-1-205234]

Budget: £62,499,998Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve English and mathematics learning achievement in all secondary schools , especially for girls. The programme has the following components: making schools safe for girls, improving learning conditions in schools for boys and girls, strengthening central and district capacity, and improving monitoring and evaluation. In the first two years, the project will be fully aligned with Sierra Leone’s President’s Recovery Priorities. Over the five years, the impact will be measured by improvements in the West Africa regional secondary school examinations taken after three years (the basic certificate) and after six years (the senior certificate). An additional 14,000[1] girls and boys are expected to pass English and Maths at senior level, with a narrowing of the performance gap between boys and girls. The outcome of the programme will establish an enabling environment for secondary school students, especially girls, to be safe, learn and achieve.

Maintaining Resilient Zero for Ebola in Sierra Leone [GB-1-205182]

Budget: £38,499,996Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To support Sierra Leone to detect and respond effectively to Ebola events and outbreaks of other communicable diseases by strengthening district health capacity, the laboratory network, and disease surveillance systems.

Market Development Programme, Sierra Leone [GB-1-203719]

Budget: £9,999,996Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve the participation of approximately 30,000 households in environmentally sustainable economic growth, through increased agricultural incomes and manufacturing opportunities. This will be achieved by supporting government, small businesses and financial institutions in Sierra Leone.

Public Financial Management Improvement and Consolidation Project [GB-1-203718]

Budget: £8,518,382Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve public financial management by providing the Government of Sierra Leone with technical assistance and equipment. This will benefit the Government and wider population of Sierra Leone by improving budget planning and credibility, financial control, accountability, and oversight in government finances. This will support the Government to deliver a multi-year budget in-line with the country’s poverty reduction strategy and be more accountable for doing so.

Recovery Justice Programme in Sierra Leone [GB-GOV-1-300255]

Budget: £949,999Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To support more effective justice service delivery to citizens and the private sector in Sierra Leone, which will in turn improve the investment climate in the country and citizens’ access to justice.

Rehabilitation of Freetown’s Water Supply System [GB-1-205195]

Budget: £37,999,999Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

Supporting fast-track expansion of the safe drinking water supply in the capital city, Freetown, through the provision of sanitation & hygiene services, as well as wider WASH in rural areas and expansion of Solid and Liquid Waste Management services in three large towns.

Rural Electrification in Sierra Leone [GB-GOV-1-300303]

Budget: £34,500,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

“To increase access to clean energy through the creation of environmentally and economically sustainable electric mini-grid systems for small remote rural communities in Sierra Leone by 2020. This is expected to directly benefit around 360,000 people in rural Sierra Leone, and indirectly help up to 1.8 million people access low carbon electricity. This will add more than 10 Mega Watts (MW) to the country’s power generation capacity of an estimated average peak demand requirement of 300-500 MW. There will be a welfare increase in rural communities in terms of saved fuel costs, improved health and education outcomes, improved communications and access to information and health and safety. The project will also result in a significant reduction in Sierra Leone’s future Green House Gas emissions through supported private investment in the installation and operation of renewably-powered mini-grids’”.

Saving Lives in Sierra Leone 2016 [GB-GOV-1-300036]

Budget: £64,223,612Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To save women and children’s lives by improving the quality, availability and accessibility of (reproductive, maternal, new born and child health (RMNCH) services. Phase 1 of this programme will focus on increasing access to preventive services (including family planning, water, sanitation and long lasting insecticide treated bednets) and improving service quality in line with the maternal and child health priorities of the President’s 10-24 Month Recovery Plan. The second phase will embed and build on the gains of the first phase and will increase equitable access to the improved RMNH services, whilst strengthening priority health systems for more sustainable service delivery.

Sierra Leone: Strengthening Community-Led Accountability to Improve Service Delivery [GB-1-205269]

Budget: £9,510,761Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To work with the most poor and marginalised people in Sierra Leone, especially women and young people to bring about improved accountability and better delivery of services: Providing platforms for citizen monitoring, feedback and engagement with service providers supported by data collection undertaken by young people that gives citizens the means and opportunity to understand their rights and the services they should have access to, to know what has been delivered, and to demand better and more transparent delivery from service providers. An innovation fund will provide a window to support innovative ideas to address local issues through local solutions led by communities themselves.

Sierra Leone Support to the Presidential Delivery Unit Phase II [GB-1-205189]

Budget: £20,000,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

support the Government of Sierra Leone’s efforts to recover from the Ebola crisis and accelerate development by adopting a new, results-focused approach to delivering the most important priorities.

Support to 2014 Population and Housing Census [GB-1-203882]

Budget: £2,499,999Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To increase the robustness and validity of the 2014 Population and Housing Census process by providing Statistics Sierra Leone with key technical assistance and equipment. This will benefit the government and citizens of Sierra Leone by improving the accuracy of Census statistics that can be used with confidence for planning future development outcomes over the next ten (10) years.

Support to Adolescent Girls Empowerment in Sierra Leone (SAGE-SL) [GB-GOV-1-300183]

Budget: £14,000,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve sexual and reproductive health and livelihoods of adolescent girls through building their social, economic and health assets. This will include support, protection and treatment for 12,000 adolescent girl victims of sexual and gender based violence. The programme will also deliver social and life skills through safe spaces for 30,000 vulnerable adolescent girls and boys.

Support to Anti-Corruption in Sierra Leone [GB-1-203881]

Budget: £4,700,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To improve citizens ability to challenge petty corruption in health, education, water and sanitation and national power services delivery in Sierra Leone by 2018

Support to the 2018 electoral cycle in Sierra Leone [GB-1-203878]

Budget: £11,530,998Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

Democratic Governance Programme aimed at further supporting the development of democracy in Sierra Leone. This will build on and complement past and current donor initiatives to strengthen democratic governance in the country.To strengthen inclusiveness of political institutions in Sierra Leone by supporting national and local democratic institutions and processes. This will improve the provision and protection of rights and freedoms of all citizens as provided for in the Constitution.

Support to the Sierra Leone Energy sector [GB-1-113531]

Budget: £19,223,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To support the Government of Sierra Leone to deliver cost-effective and environmentally sustainable electricity.

UK Aid Match 2013–2016: giving the public a say in how a portion of the aid budget is spent [GB-1-203559]

Budget: £122,939,049Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

UK Aid Match allows the UK public to have a say in how an element of the aid budget is spent. DFID will match fund, pound for pound, public donations to appeals made by selected not-for-profit organisations, enabling them to increase their poverty reduction and development work in DFID priority countries.

UK response to Ebola crisis through establishing laboratories [GB-1-204904]

Budget: £11,999,996Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To provide three Laboratories to carry out Ebola diagnostic testing services and to strengthen Sierra Leone’s Laboratory system through technical advice to the Laboratory Technical Working Group

Water, Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Programme [GB-GOV-1-300067]

Budget: £29,800,000Status: ImplementationReporting Org: Department for International Development

To provide sanitation and hygiene services in Freetown. Establishing and expanding sustainable waste management services in three large towns and improving water, sanitation and hygiene services in rural areas and in two small towns.