The Christian Health Association of Sierra Leone (CHASL) is a non-governmental, non-profit making, interdenominational health coordinating agency. The secretariat is in Freetown, and was established in 1975. CHASL works with a mission to provide affordable, good quality health care services for the people of Sierra Leone. See here for details.

CHASL’s network includes 12 hospitals and 37 health clinics and programmes distributed throughout all four provinces of the country. These facilities are generally considered to offer a higher quality services than government facilities. A number of these facilities are in remote areas, serving populations who otherwise have highly limited access to hospital care. Key examples are the Kamakwie Wesleyan Hospital (with no Government hospital within a 92km radius), the Hartfields Memorial Hospital (118km radius) and the Nixon Memorial Hospital (79km radius). Moreover, three of the hospitals offer training up to the level of State Enrolled Community Health Nurse (SECHN).

The facilities do not necessarily offer free services at present, but many have expressed a willingness to do so if they are refunded from somewhere. For example, some of the clinics have been providing free health care to the FHCI target groups, and receiving performance based financing from government.