Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Key Serial 💻

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Key Serial 💻


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Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr Key Serial

there’s a lot to like about inquisitor, and it’s definitely one of the better games of this year. it’s not a perfect game, but it’s not as flawed as a lot of other games out there, either. it has its own problems, but those problems are fixable.

to me, the best part of inquisitor is the way in which the game supports both, and encourages, a number of different play styles. the game can be played in a variety of ways, with some of the most interesting and fun moments being those where the player can choose to play with a limited number of objectives, or to play a more traditional 40k game where every objective is taken to the bitter end. the game can be played on a variety of scales, from skirmish to epic battles. the game also works really well with different levels of player skill, which is something you don’t see that much in games these days. this is a game that was made to be played, and you should play it.

if you’re a warhammer 40,000 fan, you’ll recognize most of the elements from the board game, but this one’s a videogame, so you get to control a fleet of spaceships, not tanks, and the necrons (my real favorite things in warhammer 40,000) are on foot rather than floating around on titanic mothership-sized egg-shaped blobs of eldritch energy. you can’t actually win, which is fine by me. the game’s about a lot more than winning, though. it’s about the elaborate story of how the adeptus mechanicus became the adeptus mechanicus, and the entire plot is conveyed via audio logs and texts that speak to you as your way into the narrative. it’s the sort of game that really makes the tabletop universe seem incredibly rich, with each play-through as much a different episode as it is an actual campaign.

an inquisitor is a member of the ecclesiarchy, the official religion of the imperium. the ecclesiarchy was formed as a self-sustaining mechanism to keep the unwashed masses in line with the tenets of the empire. an inquisitor is an ordained priest of the ecclesiarchy, and thus is a servant of the emperor as well as a faithful servant of the ecclesiarchy.
the inquisitor has proven himself or herself to be a servant of the empire by bringing the emperor’s enemies to justice. an inquisitor can bring such enemies to the emperor directly, or he can bring them to the attention of the ecclesiarchy, who will in turn tend to it.
the inquisitor holds a special place in the imperium’s judicial system. the ecclesiarchy has the right to prosecute any individual found guilty of heresy or rebellion, and once the inquisition has proven itself, it has the right to do so without the need for a trial. the inquisition also serves as the primary instrument of both political and military dissent suppression.
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