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Sri Ramana Gita Pdf Download

Sat Darshana is the pinnacle of many a severe intellectual effort to understand Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teaching. Arising out of a deep devotion and an intense study of the pages of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s own teachings, Sat Darshana opens up the teaching of the great Advaita Sutra. Sat Darshana stands alone, as an elegant and thorough presentation of Sri Ramana’s astounding treatise and as a valuable record of the views of the author. A description of the sources and details about the translator are given in the introductory matter.

sri ramana gita pdf download

Sat Darshana comes at a very opportune time for those who need to learn about Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teaching. He offers a complete picture of Sri Ramana’s teachings, puts them in a logical order, and gives the most effective means of knowing the truth contained in them. It is a jewel of great value to the Ramana devotees.

sri ramana gita pdf download

Kapali sti is the Sri Ramana Maharshi’s brother-disciple, his closest friend and his intimate, most trustworthy of his disciples. Now Kapali sti tells his sister: ‘May I tell you about our beloved, Sri Ramana.’ Kapali sti and his sister listened and were fully satisfied when they heard how ‘our beloved’ accomplished every action and every thought, and told them the only purpose and goal of all activity is to free ourselves from the three realms of birth and death, and that the real Self is pure Existence, free from every kind of product. Kapali sti wrote down every word as it came from the lips of the Maharshi and translated it into Sanskrit verse. He did this on and off for over a year, realizing that if the Master died, then he would not be able to convey the teaching to others and then to prepare more and more students for the final act of liberation. Two of the Conversations that Kapali sti has recorded, were included in this book. They are recorded on tape, and were transcribed by the author. The conversations are selected by the author because of their absolute subjectivity. They are the most accessible recordings of the Master’s teachings that anyone has heard and they are an invaluable resource for the spiritual seeker.

by sri p.n.vasudeva. the author, a graduate of madras university, has been studying the philosophy of sri ramana maharshi for many years. he has published a number of books, the most recent of which are translations of the original sri ramana gita and the original sri ramana gita pravesham. his translation of the sri ramana gita is the most accurate one available in english. this book is a treasure trove of information on sri ramana and his ideas. pp.290
by the late ananda ramakrishnan. sri ananda ramakrishnan, a polymath and tamil scholar, was the principal translator of the original sri ramana gita into english. in a preface, he states: ‘the english translation of the gita is no mere paraphrase or free rendering. i have closely followed the style of the original, i.e., the sanskrit gita pravesham, as it has been faithfully reproduced in the original edition of the sri ramana gita. it is a work of love and has a distinctive personality of its own. it is my most ardent hope that the present translation of the gita will convey to the reader the essence of the original, as i have tried to do in my translation of the ramana maharshi’s discourses and other works, which have now been published in the collected works of sri ramana maharshi.’ pp.176
by the linguist. the transcriptions of sri ramana’s letters in english were made by the author from the original sanskrit original. the english transcriptions are accompanied by sanskrit and pali translations of the letters. the contents of the letters are listed under the heading: undelivered letters. the title of the book is letters of sri ramana maharshi to his devotees, yogis and others. pp.213 table of contents

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