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Battle Academy – Operation Market Garden is a WWII “turn-based strategy” by Excalibur which features 8 single player missions and the introduction of a campaign mode where you have to possibility of carrying over your units from mission to mission. This game has seen tremendous success in Europe, being one of the best strategy games ever created and voted Best Strategy Game at the british game magazine “EGD”.

The game has a deep and detailed game engine that was created specifically to play those classic battles of the WWII with an intuitive interface. It is the perfect balance between realism and fun, using the game engine of “Stinger”, a multiplayer strategy game that let’s players find the most tactical ways to win. That engine allows the game to not only recreate the battles of the past but it also allows the players to create new ones!

We’re introducing a new mode – “accumulation” (what you used to call “more points per turn”) – the new way to play in this Battle Academy – Operation Market Garden expansion. “Accumulation” mode allows you to accumulate points on each turn and there’s no limit to what you can achieve in the end of the game, the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

• New US and British Airborne Units: US Airborne Scouts, US Airborne Mortar, US Airborne Bazooka, US Airborne Machine Gun, US Airborne Machine Gun, British Para Scouts, British Para Bren, British Para PIAT, British Para 6 pdr gun, British Para Mortar, British Para Vickers, Airborne Recce Jeep

• 2 Multiplayer Games with “accumulation” mode. 2 player online matches

• 8 Single Player Missions Linked into one flowing campaign

• New US and British Territory and Buildings, including the infamous Arnhem bridge

• Full map which includes new and unseen features thanks to the large increase in development time, these include battle damaged buildings, new terrain features and more

• Bug fixes, including fixes to the AI with all its unit animations

• Enhanced soundtrack with many of the “Stinger” tracks remastered


Features Key:

  • Sparse & Dead Simple – new exciting board and game time control features
    make this a standalone family game which won’t put a strain on the board.
  • A realistic tournament style scoring system
  • Over 130 customisable tournament reports & screens
  • All player data is stored in database – importing, exporting and embedding player data into applications is a breeze with fields customised to your game.

A Tournament Adaptor This is an API made available for third-party developers to extend the tempo / timeplay functions of Pivot XL to look after the day-to-day tournament operations automatically!

It automates things such as the following:

  • Reporting and score sheet grids generated from your tournament database so no
    entering data to time or report.
  • Easy Tournament results export processes.
  • Player scores and performance charts
  • Wisdom/Upcoming/Lost Cards and Stoppage calculations.
  • Round improvements / Game Draws for improved convenience.
  • Wallclock timer to keep the day-to-day moving.
  • Play processing


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Realize outdoor gateball sports in VR!
Easy game play for all ages, old, middle, young, and minor
4 stages of realistic outdoor scenes (park day / night, beach day / night)
Play from 1 to 5 players on a single device
It is easy to experience the gate ball, which is known to be effective in preventing dementia and depression in the elderly, through VR.
This game is intended for players to experience the VR gateball in a place other than a school or public place. It is possible to feel the gateball, which is known to be effective in preventing dementia and depression in the elderly, in a place such as a park, lake, or beach.
This game’s AI makes it easy to play with friends regardless of sex, age, or skill level. And it’s easy for anyone to enjoy, no matter their skill level.
■ A Step Into The Game with no Exploration
Open in a VR headset or smartphone and start to play by rotating the VR headset. Start straight away by playing.
■ Advanced AI For Efficient Gameplay
With VR headset, experience the game without the interference of the VR device or the VR headset.
■ Authentic VR Gateball
In VR, the game is precisely designed so that you can experience the full reality of game play.
■ Enjoy Immersive VR
Enjoy sophisticated and immersive VR with the latest optical technology.
■ Hours of Comfortable Game play
Enjoy hours of comfortable game play in your VR headset.
■ Interface to suit Both Eyes
With a smartphone, enjoy the game interface with both eyes, similar to existing two-device VR.
■ 4 Unique Outdoor Scenes
Enjoy 4 different outdoor scenes. With no exploration of the outdoors, players will easily enjoy the game.
■ Developed for Seniors
Developed for the elderly (over 60s) to feel comfortable in nature.
■ Content is kept to the maximum level, and is easy to get used to
Experience the game with the minimum of preparation, with no registration required.
■ Player can chat with friends through a spectator side
Participants can chat with people who are watching the game through a spectator side in the game.
■ The 3D display of an optical device in VR is the same as that in a real environment
With the latest optical technology, enjoy 3D images virtually created at a real length.
■ Balanced Security
With a VR headset, there is no risk of leaking the password by a careless slip


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In “Iron Blade: Medieval RPG” we have several playable characters. There is the First-Class Hero as well as the Assassins, Valiants, Knights, Hunters and Renegades. Each character must be earned by completing story missions, earning the appropriate level, all while avoiding and killing enemies. Each class is set to a specific level of advancement and each is randomly selectable. So while you may have a level 23 Knight, you may also have a level 20 Hero. Additionally, with different classes you gain access to different weapons, armor and bonuses as well as different runes or enchantments that augment each class and increase its effectiveness. There is a wide variety of weapons, armor and special attacks for each class. Most of the weapons have one attack and one special attack, but there are also weapons with two or more attacks that can be upgraded.[Atrial thrombus as cause of syncope].
Syncope is defined as transient loss of consciousness, with or without postural changes. It may result from a number of different causes, but the most frequent are transient loss of consciousness caused by a primary cardiac disorder. In many of these cases a definitive diagnosis is difficult. We present three patients (two men and one woman) with syncope of unknown origin. After detailed history and physical examination, a series of complementary tests were carried out, including Holter monitoring, echocardiography, exercise testing, tilt testing and contrast ventriculography. A positive tilt test and positive ventriculography suggest the presence of a sinus node disorder. The correct diagnosis was atrial thrombus as the cause of syncope. There are only a few cases in which syncope can be attributed to an intra-atrial thrombus and a detailed examination is essential. We discuss the pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment options. The correct diagnosis should be made as soon as possible to reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with this condition.Q:

AFNetworking MultiPayer : How to check if server response is in PDF format?

If I use AFNetworking and set multipayer to YES, my server will send back both in JSON (or XML, CSV, etc) and in PDF format.
Now I need to verify if the response is in PDF format.
Is there a way to determine that the JSON response came from a PDF?


You cannot do this, there is no way to know that the json comes from a pdf server.
I could


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