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An RPG created by the development team responsible for the FINAL FANTASY series, including former Final Fantasy XI producer Yoshinori Kitase and director and producer Kenji Sugito.
In this story where myth and reality overlap, the main character is a savior who has been sought out by 10,000 people across the world.
Before your journey begins, you will have to decipher the truth, and through that, get to know yourself.
※You are free to choose your name and gender when creating your character, including skin color.

Rise and be guided by grace!

Risen provides a seamless online environment where everyone from all over the world can freely communicate.
You’ll be able to easily meet other players, make friends, and connect with other people.
Lobbies and social groups provide a variety of activities to enjoy.

Elden Rogue
A dynamic action game with an intense hand-to-hand combat system.
You can freely explore a vast world and meet other people.
Using a unique replay system, you can easily share your high-quality gameplay with others online.

Elden Rain
A tactical RPG.
You can freely explore a vast world and meet other people.
You can freely change your class and equipment at any time to become a powerful and versatile character.

Elden Luster
An action RPG that combines the sense of discovery of a third-person adventure game with the freedom of movement of a first-person RPG.
You will be able to explore the vast Lands Between while freely rotating your camera and visually capture a very wide field of view.

Elden Steam
A random encounter RPG that lets you freely explore a vast world and meet other people.
Every encounter is different and makes your adventure unique.


(Nintendo Switch)

The launch of the new Switch console has made it possible to enjoy the vast world of FINAL FANTASY with a simple tap. All of the titles that have been previously released, including FINAL FANTASY XV: Dawn of the Future and FINAL FANTASY VI: Confrontation, are available together on the new system.

Dawn of the Future

Become a savior

Travel to the Kingdoms Between, one of the most mysterious and dangerous places in the world. Along with your loyal friends, fulfill your destiny as the new savior.

Raise a family

Become the next ruler


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Bring its Myth to your lifetime!

    You can get involved in the myth of the Elden Ring, a mythical realm where a new life is born. Even if you do not get the chance to adventure in fantasy worlds, you will gain the “Elden Ring” title as you faithfully reenact the story.

  • Receive immersion!

    A non-combat RPG that does not rely on the “kill” command. There are other ways to experience the game, and you can make a different choice to see the results!

  • A story full of charm and charm.

    Encompassing great variety in the description of the history of the Elden Ring, in the character design, and even in battle scenarios, develop the story in your own way and have fun!

  • Elden Ring Release Date:

    A date has not been set. (development has been going smoothly!)



    For the weight of the world above ground, there are many children who have come to the tower of the winds (heaven). They are the descendants of people different from us, which is why they are called descendants of the gods or elves. They wander the lands between, supporting their beautiful daily lives. In the other world? However, the door to this other world…

    However, the door to this other world suddenly appears above the earth and begins to shake. Those who follow the door are called ”Tarnished» due to the dirty nature of their appearance. Can Tarnished cope with the outside world of war? Can he become a lord of the Elden Ring?Canon Camera Repair Vancouver

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    Elden Ring


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    Ashiki 3.8 out of 5 based on 1 ratings


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    Based on my check of the box, it says it has no story, but it still appears to have a full story as part of the actual main game system.

    Anyway, I guess it’s the kind of game where you read the manual and go read the forum to figure out the story.


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    Share: TRUST. It’s a word that’s so easy to say when you’re here, but words are easy to lie. But, this game is not lying. People speak about Tarnished, but they don’t have a clue of the roots and full story of the game. When you see what really lies beneath the surface of what you know, you will find that it’s so much more than you can guess about it. But, this is a game in which lies and death flourish together. Isn’t it? TRUST. You can trust this game. It will not die under the pressure of the consumers. It has nothing to do with the publisher or the sales or the developer or the publisher. It’s just TRUST. It’s not lying. It’s not lying. This is not lying. It’s just TRUST. I will not lie. I will not lie. What did I say about TRUST? I don’t know. What did I say about lies and death? I don’t know. What did I say about being trustful? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know


    Elden Ring With Full Keygen PC/Windows

    This is a fan-made SC2 build created by xctoran. He’s made every map he has playable in the game, in addition to additional maps, custom sounds and music, custom fonts, and many other things that create an immersive experience in which to play.

    This is the game map – “Extras”.

    You can learn about his project at this link –

    I’ll be using this build exclusively and will be playing on all the maps. It’s available in most of the platforms you’d find SC2 on (Source, Steam, etc.).

    Please feel free to message me. I can’t test everything by myself, as I’m stuck at work right now so I’ll leave it up to xctoran to test as he sees fit and make sure things are working correctly.

    Feel free to re-upload to your own servers, translate to English, and ask any questions you might have.


    [German edit]

    Bitte nutze das, um meinen Dienst zu unterstützen:


    You can’t get it via the launcher, so you’ll have to use the installer.

    And the game is required for this. The game will start up and display the title screen. After you have the game, play the game.

    You can import your OpenID to the game. You can also import your data from other game via the “Import Data” feature. This feature is found in the “Options” menu.

    If you see a message that says “Connection to SC2 server failed. You will have to import your data from the last game to continue.”

    It can take several hours for your progress to carry over. It’s normal.

    V2 – All SC2 Features

    After you import, you will be using your SC2 account on this build. It’s just a way to link it to your account.

    You can see a list of all of the features of the game by clicking


    What’s new: