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The Elden Ring Torrent Download is a fantasy action role-playing game in which you assume the role of a warrior of unknown origin, named Tarnished. Tarnished has left his home of the Lands Between and has been transported to a vast world of monsters and deities in the Lands Between. As a member of the Knights of the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts, the sworn knight of the god Oghma, you are tasked with slaying the monsters of the Lands Between to restore peace there.

In addition to combat, you are also tasked with gathering food and finding clothes as you wander from place to place, thereby acquiring the means to save the Lands Between. To survive in the Land Between, all that you need to do is to survive.


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SAVE DATA CAN BE LOST. ALWAYS MAKE BACKUPS. If you experience difficulty when playing, delete and create a new save file. ■

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Features Key:

  • New Story.
    As the protagonist rises with magic to ascend the ranks of Elden Lords, you will have your own unique story and adventure.
  • New Setting.
    In addition to the seamless transition between urban areas and the land of dungeons, vast areas full of endless skies, mountains, fields, forests, and the like come to light.

    • Pale Moon.
      You will descend into the midst of the world of monsters and be highly emotional as the tension builds up.
    • Deliberate Power Play.
      As you remember that time when you were small, you will have fun gaining new powers and playing on your style with the multiple branching story lines and various items.
  • System Optimization.
    The developers have enhanced various parts of the game to ensure smooth online play.
  • Online Service.
    As you play and progress, you will experience the online ecosystem in which you can exchange additional items, skills, and equipment.
  • Complete Story that Never Ends.
    “A Vast World Full of Excitement” includes both the world that evolves through time, and the dungeons where you continue to fight. That is to say, it constantly evolves and your adventure continues even after you have grasped and obtained all of the cut scenes.

    • Elden Legacy
      In contrast with difficult and complicated dungeons previously seen, this one’s dungeon has a very modern and snazzy design. It always provides the unique feeling of exploring a large and soft wilderness. It also features a sophisticated counterattack system from the dungeons.
    • A Heart-pounding Fight with Fantasy Elements.
      As you fight against monsters and progressive enemies, you will feel the thrill of being a powerful hero and become an avid participant in the thrilling story.
  • Unique Skills and fighting Techniques
    You will have the chance to explore a different type of “skill” from the game’s traditional turn-based battle. You can have a profound impact on your situation, and even your position may change. You can turn back time to its original form, or use new techniques such as “Flash Steps” and “Single-use Blizzards” to make you invincible.
  • Mastered Classes.
    In addition to the battle system that fosters the


    Elden Ring With Product Key

    “An elegant and easy to understand interface is the big plus of this game. Granted that this was made in a Korean studio it still proves to be a very powerful and interesting game.”

    “…if you don’t know fantasy RPG, don’t go near the game. You’ll most likely leave the experience you wanted to see.”

    “…the game is simply fun and addictive because it’s full of action that is exciting and easy to get into.”

    “The dialogues are simple, but pretty. The graphics are nothing special but very attractive, while gameplay and combat system is unique. I thoroughly recommend the game.”

    “A beautiful game with a free to play model.”

    “…an excellent RPG experience that even those who aren’t in the genre can enjoy.”

    “…a great game that deserves much attention if you’re willing to ignore the Korean issue…”

    “…one of the most unique new games of 2012.”

    “…had a lot of different storylines to follow, and the story was very well-made.”

    “…I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes action RPGs and knows what they’re doing.”

    “The Korean localization has adapted an English version quite well.”

    “A welcome decision to take the fantasy RPG genre to a Western audience.”

    “The game plays rather well and delivers a highly enjoyable fantasy RPG.”

    “An exciting RPG for those who love action-rpgs.”

    “This is an action RPG that combines combat, skills, and items that is unique in the genre.”

    “If you like action-RPGs, this game will be a fun adventure you’ll want to try.”

    “The game is fun, but it’s a bit hard and the difficulty curve is steep in the beginning.”

    “I absolutely recommend this game to anyone who loves action-RPGs and wants a fun gaming experience.”

    “The Legend of Tarnished is a refreshing and exciting RPG that mixes in elements of strategy.”

    “Tarnished has amazing gameplay, a deep and compelling story, and a fantastic sound design.”

    “The story is very well-written. The combat is surprisingly deep and very easy to understand.”

    “The character development system is very well-done.”


    Elden Ring Full Version


    A Fantasy Action RPG That Fuses Story with Action, Featuring an Enormous World and Characters with Unique Traits. Players Can Create Their Own Style of Play
    The aging era of the Elden Ring has passed, and a new Tarnished Age has begun. A new era in which the unbroken power of the ancient civilization that thrived in the Lands Between is declining. In this Game we are here to light the torch, and awaken the hope of the vast lands.
    The main thing we focus on is action. In this game we’re able to battle without levelling up and through customizing your character you can select an action-oriented and powerful experience. You can create your own style of play which will provide a thrilling adventure with a deep story and original graphics.
    ◆ Playable Characters
    A pyromaniac Dwarf who stands on a sturdy defense.
    Brings out the full power of the deep-rooted spirit of the Dwarfs. The power of the Dwarves is immense, even with this armor, since its design is a mixture of armor that can actually become a weapon itself.
    Dwarf’s Armor
    In this game, the type of gear that the player utilizes is the armor, a central item that the player can equip. By customizing the armor with gear pieces, like weapons and accessories, the strength of the player’s character will increase.
    A curious, innocent, very beautiful and quiet Goblin girl.
    Goblins use their human-like bodies in unusual ways, and this special quality makes for a wide range of ways of play. Even with this dark black armor, she has the temperament of an innocent, human girl.
    Goblin’s Armor
    In this game, the type of gear that the player utilizes is the armor, a central item that the player can equip. By customizing the armor with gear pieces, like weapons and accessories, the strength of the player’s character will increase.
    A slender, delicate and young Elven girl.
    With her strength of will, Elf brings out the power of her body and mind, using her lightest footwork as an extension of her body. A swift and unbreakable swordfighter


    What’s new in Elden Ring: