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Weird result when multiplying two decimals

I have following logic in the view:
#.render(‘someView’, {
x: (Math.random()*1000),
y: (Math.random()*1000)

This renders correctly on all browsers and all versions of the browser. However, some situations return results that are larger than the max value of an integer so this will return a result that is larger than the max value of an integer. This can cause problems with calculations. e.g.
The result on Firefox when x is 0.997 and y is 0.1 is 1.082. This is smaller than the max integer value of 2147483647 so it is correct.
The result on Chrome is the same except the result is incorrect due to decimal precision. The result should be 1.199 however it is 1.0982.
The result on Internet Explorer is incorrect with both operations.
Can anyone help with this?


To convert a decimal to integer, the number is first truncated. This results in loss of precision, so decimal operations on integers may not be accurate.
On all three browsers the largest negative double is -1.744E+308, and the largest positive double is +1.744E+308. These values cause the problem, they are both greater than MAX_INT (2147483647). When you do math with them, you also lose precision (that is one of the reasons why javascript or java people hate using floating point numbers).
Try to avoid using doubles for this sort of thing.

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