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## **Layer Properties**

Photoshop has several ways in which you can control its layers. Figure 10.2 shows layers in the Layer Properties dialog box. You can manipulate the visibility of a layer by setting its type to invisible or regular. You can also change a layer’s position by using the Position option or the Free Transform tool (Ctrl+T/ +T).

**Figure 10.2.** Layers can be seen in the Layer Properties dialog box and displayed in the Layers panel.

The Symbol Layers tab (Figure 10.2) displays all of the layers in the image, including hidden layers that you may not be aware of. Hidden layers are a great way to organize layers, but they are rather difficult to use.

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Photoshop Elements was first released in 2003 as Photoshop Lightroom; after a couple of years it got renamed as Photoshop Elements.

There are several free and paid versions available in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Please read our guide to Adobe CC for more information on the differences between the versions. Photoshop Elements is not a standalone product and is a part of Adobe Photoshop.

Microsoft has a similar app called Photo Editor. We compare Photoshop Elements and Photo Editor here.

Table of Contents:

Quick Guides for Photographers and Graphic Designers

What is Photoshop Elements

Add up to 50,000 tools

Create new files and edit existing ones

Work seamlessly with other Adobe Creative Cloud apps

Use best-in-class apps for photographers and graphic designers

Automatically add text to images

Retouch images and create new effects

Apply artistic filters to images

Create new website mockups

Create impressive presentations

Make awesome digital photos and graphic designs

Advantages of Photoshop Elements

Tons of tools that help you edit photos and create digital designs

Free to try and try again

No restrictions when using it for personal or commercial purposes

More than 50,000 tools with no monthly fee

The app works seamlessly with other Adobe software

Best tools for graphic designers

Best tools for photographers

Quick Guides

What is Photoshop Elements

You can get Photoshop Elements app for your Mac or PC. You can also use it on mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

Works seamlessly with other Adobe apps in the Adobe Creative Cloud

Backup and sync your photos and edits to the cloud

Create stunning images and graphics

Edit photos and make digital art

Add text to photos

Take new photos

Make new web mockups

Improve your images with artistic filters

Apply presets to give images a professional touch

Retouch existing images

Turn that ordinary photo into an eye-catcher

Advantages of Photoshop Elements

Create stunning images with a variety of tools

Apply stylish artistic filters

Create stunning graphics and layouts

Create impressive digital artwork

Retouch your photos and make them look modern

Use the built-in text tool to give images an artistic touch

Add text to images

Take and edit new photos

Expert Photoshop Tools for Graphic Designers

Master Photoshop


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What’s New In Download Photoshop Software For Free?

Slideshow lets you create gorgeous slideshows or build web pages to share with your friends and family. It can import photos from your camera roll, create custom Slideshow templates, or even use your own video files.

InDesign is a program that lets you create documents, like web pages, magazines and newspapers. Whether you want to publish content online or create printed documents, InDesign can help.
Photoshop and Illustrator are programs that let you make digital illustrations for print and the web. InDesign can also be used to create printed content like books, brochures, catalogs or magazines.

Clone Stamp

The Clone Stamp is great for touching up and repairing images. This tool will copy pixels from one area of an image and paste them in another area, allowing you to remove blemishes or scratches.
To use the Clone Stamp, you first select the area you want to copy from by clicking the Clone Stamp tool in the toolbar. Select the area you want to copy by clicking and dragging over the area of the image you want to copy from. You can then paste this new image into another part of the image by using the Move tool and dragging the new area where you want to paste the image from.


Using the rotate tool is easy. While holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac) key, hover over an object in the image and drag to rotate. You can move the objects in an image by clicking and dragging.


The Transform tool is similar to the rotate tool, except it lets you scale, skew, distort and move objects in an image. To use the Transform tool, you hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Cmd (Mac) key and hover over the object in the image to be moved. Then click and drag the object to move it or use the plus (+) and minus (–) keys to scale or skew it.


Fill the selected object with a solid color or texture using the Quick Selection tool. To activate this tool, press Shift+Alt+Delete (Windows) or Shift+Option+Delete (Mac). If you need to select multiple objects, press and hold the Alt key while you click objects to select them.


To desaturate (or remove color from) the selected object, press Ctrl+/ (Ctrl+0 on a PC) to de-saturate the selected object or use the eyedropper tool

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