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Figure 8-8 shows the Photoshop editing screen.

**Figure 8-8:** The most basic menu for Photoshop features.

Photoshop is available for all platforms, including Mac and Windows. The macOS version is shown here. It appears as a single tab in the Application window.

Check out Figure 8-9 for a graphic of the Photoshop interface.

Photoshop users can view and change the appearance of images on the screen with the use of layers. A layer is a snapshot of one part of a picture that can hold anything that you want, including effects and textures. Each layer is simply a table of pixel values. The Photoshop program stores each image as an editing screen, or in-betweens (abbreviated IBOs). You can create as many layers as you want for editing and apply multiple layers over each other.

**Figure 8-9:** The Photoshop interface.

The Image menu is where you’ll find options for basic image management. It includes commands to create new documents, apply effects, access the file system, manage layers, and much more. In Figure 8-8, the Image menu has been highlighted.

Tables are used to organize layers and other data. Layers are one-dimensional and organized by name. You can select an individual layer to use it elsewhere or multiple layers to lay them on top of one another and apply effects to them.

To create a new document, open the Document menu and choose New from the menu. The New dialog box appears as shown in Figure 8-10.

The New dialog box offers three tabs: Image, Layers, and Properties. The Image tab has a scroll-down list of prebuilt templates that Photoshop provides. The Layers tab displays a scroll-down list of available layers. You can apply effects to any of these layers as needed. The Properties tab displays the same settings that you see on the Inspector window for an image in the Layers palette.

**Figure 8-10:** Use the New dialog box to create new files.

You can use the New Document option to create a new document with new settings or to create a new file in a predefined template. You can choose the appropriate template from the tabs in the New dialog box. The Image tab has a scroll-down list of templates that Photoshop provides. From the Layers tab, you can choose a preset layer.

From the Layers palette, select the Edit

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The features of Photoshop Elements are also replicated in version 13 of the Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom desktop products. The new features are available to both Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users through the new features that have been added to the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop products.

My Top 5 Most Recent Photoshop Features I’ve Used

#1. Refine Edge

The new ‘Refine Edge’ tool now integrates with the Photoshop filter panel making it easy to access. You can use this tool for the following:

Use the refiner tool to change the size of faces.

Add or remove wrinkles in the eyes of a face.

Add highlights to edges.

To activate the new tool, press the ‘R’ key on the keyboard. This will pop up a panel in the bottom of the screen that contains the needed tools to achieve the desired results.

To remove unwanted eyes or wrinkles, move the reference point up or down around the eye using the white arrow.

To add highlight to the edges, point the mouse cursor over any area of the image that you want to be highlighted. The cursor will turn into an arrow.

Hold down the CTRL key to create a selection over the face.

With the face highlighted, use the ‘Refine Edge’ tool to add highlights.

#2. Enhanced Noise Reduction

The Enhanced Noise Reduction tool now has three settings, each with its own optimized settings. You can use any of these settings to remove or adjust the amount of noise in the image.

New Noise Reduction Settings:


Larson, formerly Smart Sharpen, is a two-parameter sharpening technique. By letting the algorithm have more control over the sharpening, you can improve the sharpness of even moderately noisy images.

Straight Sharpen is an analogue-style sharpening technique. It doesn’t use a blur filter at all, it uses an optical high-pass filter.

Preserve Details retains both the noise and detail in the image, even in highly noisy areas. It works well for detailed images.

A good starting point for noise removal is 25. The highest setting is 100.

#3. Enhanced Lens Corrections

This tool is similar to the Lens Correction feature in Photomerge. It provides another way to enhance the focus of an image.

Lens Correction now has three settings, each with a different optimal amount of enhancement. You can use any

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Sozialdemokraten in Berlin und die rechte Öko-Bewegung gehören zusammen bei der Frage, wer die Ratspräsidentschaft antreten lassen soll. So hat die „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ sogar einen Erfahrungsaustausch in der Form von „Meinungsbildnern“ aufgebaut. Deren Vorschläge erscheinen in diesem Falle heute bei der „Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung“ („Die neuen Bewerber fordern ein neues Finanzmarktregime“) und dem Online-Portal „Tatort Online“ („Finanzkrise und Euro – einig?“).

Der einzige mit Rolle-Deutsch dabei ist der frühere Präsident des Deutschen Banken-Konzerns Klaus Kinkel, der allerdings vermutlich keine Teilhabe am Programm erhoffen soll. Beim Jugend-Informations-Portal Jugendreport („Deutschland, jetzt ersten Rad“) ist er mit dem „Hans-Böckler-Preis“ 2014 zum „Jugendpreis für Geschichte“ gewählt worden. Das wäre sein erstes Publikationswerk.

Weidmanns Ist-Zeit-Partnerschaft

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East of Leith WAFS Group will be hosting a smokers’ group meeting on Tuesday 9th April. The group aims to support smokers from its location in the Lord Haig area of the WAFS Head Office, who want to stop smoking.

The meeting will be attended by experienced nicotine replacement therapy and stop smoking practitioners and counsellors. More information about the group can be found at

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The Women’s Alliance for Smoking Cessation (WAFS), a not-for-profit organisation, provides professional support, advice, information, referral and education on smoking cessation to women, men, young people and older people.

WAFS is committed to research into effective smoking cessation interventions, including developing, evaluating, and providing professional education about nicotine replacement.

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Model type

Hermatypic dinosaurs




Nature 200: 1229-1235

WAM Model Number:


References for the paper are:


Bramlet, D., Waddell, P. G. and Grigorescu, C. (2008). A 3D model of the pelvic limb of some Theropoda, with implications for the construction of a 3D model of Tyrannosaurus rex (Theropoda: Maniraptora). PLoS ONE, 3(9): e3233. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003233

Bramlet, D., Waddell, P. G., A. M. Clemens, B. Koenigswald, B. Laurin, and P. Godefroit (2008). Dromaeosaurid

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