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* _Adobe Photoshop Elements_ is aimed at the beginner. It’s intended to deliver effective tools for basic photo editing as well as laying down unique digital image effects for casual use.
* _Adobe Photoshop Lightroom_ is a tool for organizing and editing professional and amateur image collections in one place. Its tools work with images from any camera or scanner, and it uses a similar layer-based editing system and workflow to Photoshop.

* _Apple iPhoto_ is a photo management and enhancement app aimed at the average iPhone user, as well as people who use an iPad. It offers basic photo editing and is the easiest way to organize your images.

Photoshop CC License Key Full [Mac/Win]

In this Photoshop tutorial, we will show you how to create a comic strip face with a Bevel and Emboss effect.

To apply this effect, let’s create a new document with 4010 x 6978 pixels.

Step 1

Open Photoshop. Select Create a New Document from the File menu. Choose Standard portrait from the Resize the canvas up pop-up menu. In the Width and height field, enter 4010 pixels. Choose Resolution from the Width and height field.

Enter 6978 pixels for the resolution. When creating a new document, Photoshop activates the smart guide and automatically changes the default settings. The smart guide is a useful tool for quickly managing your editing.

The resolution is determined by the amount of pixels on your monitor or the image being edited.

Click OK to create the new document. The image window has resized to its new size.

Step 2

To make the comic strip, we will use the Pen tool and the Rectangular selection tool to create the outlines of the face. We will also use the Direct Selection tool to create the skin areas of the face.

We will start by creating a new layer and fill it with a dark blue. Create a new layer below the background layer and fill it with a darker blue.

Hit Alt+Ctrl+G to select the Rectangular Selection tool. Drag the selection from the lower layer to the top layer.

Hold down Shift to constrain the movement of the selection and draw a rectangle.

Step 3

The previous step gave us a rectagular selection. We can now delete the edges of the selection. To do this, go to Select | Modify | Expand in the top menu bar. Press the Delete key on your keyboard, and click the X in the dialog box that appears.

Step 4

Select the Pen tool in the toolbox and hold down Alt or Option to make it active. Click on the two top corners of the rectangle we drew in the previous step.

Drag your mouse between the two lines and release your mouse button. Your selection has moved by the width of the lines.

Step 5

Hold down Alt or Option and click on the two bottom corners. Move your mouse between the lines and release your mouse button to make your selection wider.

Step 6

The previous step gave us a lot of blue rectangles inside our comic strip face. We are going to delete them.

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System Requirements For Photoshop CC:

128 MB RAM
10 MB HD space
Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
OS Support:
World Of Warcraft
Windows 10 support
Latest Intel compatible Graphics
1 GHz Processor (Compatible with intel core i3, i5, i7 or intel compatible processor)
1 GB RAM (Compatible with DDR3)
3GB Hard Disk
DirectX 9.0c compatible
Buyer/seller beware that there could be issues due

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