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The largest selection of free Photoshop tutorials are available from the company’s website (see Figure 2-9). Search for the tutorial that you’re interested in and read through the document to see if it suits your needs.

The next two chapters look at some of the more popular photo-manipulation tools on the market: Adobe Photoshop and GIMP.

# Chapter 3. Working with Adobe Photoshop

You can find support for all of the features you need to make your photos look even better in Photoshop. It’s an incredibly useful program that enables you to edit individual layers, group layers, apply filters, and manipulate the layers in numerous ways using the Actions panel and many other tools.

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Can I use Elements 12 to edit images for websites?

Yes, it does support websites. You can create a website, edit images and even insert elements like buttons or menu.

Read the Adobe Elements tutorial for beginners

If you’re new to Photoshop, our beginners tutorials will help you get started.

Can I use Elements to create images for websites?

You can use Elements 12 to create images for websites. But even if you’re a pro-level photographer or graphic designer, learning how to create images for websites can take a while. You can make web images easily with Photoshop using the right click menus (Safari) or using the Layer Styles feature.

However, the in-built controls and features of Photoshop Elements allow you to create more complex web images. It does not have any design features like layers, but you can create web images using smart guides, and you can create a website using Photoshop Elements.

Free EBooks: Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 for Photographers, Graphic Designers & Web Designers

Make money with Photoshop Elements: How to use Photoshop Elements to Create Free Website Graphics.

Can I use Elements to create images for e-books?

You can use Elements to create e-book images or royalty-free stock images for use in e-books and in other projects like apps, presentations and slide shows.

You can use Elements to create e-book images. It is the perfect tool for creating high quality images for e-books.

What makes Elements 12 different from Adobe Photoshop?

Key Features

Let’s take a quick look at some of the key features of Photoshop Elements 12 and compare them to the key features of the professional edition of Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 gives you powerful tools to edit any of your photos. Edit images with added features like the hand-drawn style of the Liquify filter, or use the Crop tool to make elements of your image appear like a computer graphic. With the Crop tool, you can also draw guides to help you correct distortions and crop an image.

Freeform Snap allows you to control where the edges of your layers snap. This means that you’ll be able to edit a background layer and then bring in the rest of your design later, so that it looks like a seamless part of your photo.

Crop tool lets you draw a guide around the part of your

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The Photoshop Fill can be used to fill an image with a specific color. It uses the Hue, Saturation and Lightness color options to replace the colors in the image.
The Pen tool allows you to draw text and lines in the image.
The Pen tool also lets you draw lines in paths or create freehand drawings or drawings using a template.
The Pixel Bender can be used to copy and paste pixels from one image to another. This tool is often used to remove parts of an image or cut and paste parts into another image.
This tool allows you to change the hue, lightness and saturation of an image. These are the main tools you use to retouch and repair your images.

While the tools above let you do some great things, they only scratch the surface of what Photoshop can do. The best way to get started using the best photo editing software is to take advantage of the training and tutorials offered by a professional company like Adobe.

How to Create Different Type Styles in Photoshop

Many Photoshop users are familiar with text styles and they are often used to create unique text designs. Here are some of the different ways to create different text styles.
One of the simplest methods to create text in Photoshop is to use the Type tool and the various type styles offered by Photoshop. Simply select a type style from the Options bar and begin typing. Type styles are offered in a variety of fonts, sizes, colors and several other options.

In order to create more complex text designs, you can use the various type art tools in Photoshop. They include: the Calligrapher Tool, Alignment tools, Justify tools and the Indents and Outdents tools.
The Calligrapher Tool allows you to change the format of text and create geometric designs. The Calligrapher Tool lets you change the basic text formatting, such as the color, size, style and font. To use this tool, select the Type tool, then click the Cog icon on the Options bar.

After clicking the Cog icon, you can adjust type layout options using the art tool. To create text with the Calligrapher Tool, simply click and drag. Use the left arrow to draw a line of text, then click and drag with the right arrow to draw vertical lines. You can also adjust line spacing by dragging the vertical line.

To add geometric shapes to your text, you can use the Alignment tools. These tools also include the Rotate tool,

What’s New in the?


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I’m doing the simulation by sending messages to remote objects and grabbing the responses.
I am wondering if there is a more effective way to do this? I’m sending the message using a Socket but maybe I should be using a different protocol or other kind of communication? Maybe a TCP/IP socket?


If you are using Flex and jSlib, will be a great option. Basically, any Java object can be cast as a mx.interceptor.message.Interceptor, which is a NetConnection-based interface that will handle all of the “real” networking stuff. There are also many things that don’t fit into the “is-an” pattern, so you will likely need to create your own type of object to plug into the “is-an” pattern.
Hope this helps.


I found that with jSLib it was better to use the RemoteObject interface and simulate a remote method call rather than use the transport/protocol and simulate a regular request. This meant that I could hide my Flex application’s web services behind my own COM objects and only use the Flex binding to those COM objects as well. Since the Flex application had a web service interface (as described in the jSLib docs), I simply implemented a java server on my own machine and called the web service methods remotely using jSLib’s remote object protocol. That took care of my web services related needs.
If you can do it with regular socket communication, I recommend it. I haven’t tried using a TCP/IP socket. That should get you one step closer to a local server but to me the simpler solution was to allow for the socket communication.


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