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Developer: Roblox Corp.
Developer Platform:
In the future, homes could be powered with AI technology to make life safer, more productive and more comfortable.
Fintech will have a huge part to play in this future because speed and automation, combined with smart-contracts, will make the token-economies we have today obsolete. If this technology is developed proactively, in partnership with fintech players and end-users, it will lead to the rise of safe and secure AI-powered cyberspace.
Join this panel of experts, including the creator of the popular game ROBLOX, discuss how computer code can create simulations that involve lots of people and vehicles.
Gerardo Carrera – Chief Producer of ROBLOX
Michael Aranda – CEO of ROBLOX
Dong Han – Chief Creative Director at Imagineering (Developer of Disney’s Cars)
Hiroshi Yao – Research Scientist at KAIST, R&D Architect for MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Lab
Panel Moderator:
Terence Tunnell – Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Carnegie Mellon University
Topics covered:
The Future of Computer Games.
How to build Robots.
How to Build a Simulation Engine.
How to Build a Game Engine.
How to Write a Simulated World.
Technical difficulties may be present in this presentation.

In May 2010, Majesco Entertainment signed a partnership deal with Atari to distribute Atari Vault titles on the Xbox Live Arcade. On May 13, 2010, it was announced that the deal came to an end as they were unable to reach an agreement on the release date of Atari Vault titles on Xbox Live Arcade.

When game developer Nick Yee started to work on an indie game called Focus Home Interactive in 2007, he did not know anything about the video game industry, but as a follow-up to high-school research work, he was intrigued by the fact that, for such a small company, Focus Home had bought the publishing rights to three highly anticipated titles from Ubisoft: Tom Clancy’s Splinter


Features Key:


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Bring your friends together with 80,000 fun games and in-game features, including player-run stores, communities and events! Roblox delivers endless creation fun and play time through unique blend of 3D virtual world and game engine.


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