How it works

  1. This website is designed to function like Wikipedia, but with a focus on aid in Sierra Leone.
  2. Anyone can register as a ‘Map Editor’.
  3. It is based on a web of interconnected ‘Wiki Pages’
  4. Any Map Editor can create or edit any Wiki Page.
  5. A Wiki Page should be about a development partner organisation active in Sierra Leone’s aid sector – for example, DFID, Goal, the Health for All Coalition etc. A Wiki Page may also be about projects and programmes implemented or supported by development partners.
  6. The web of Wiki Pages is structured around ‘Types of Agency’, ‘Sector’ and ‘Projects of Programmes’. The categories within Types of Agency and Sector are those adopted by the Government of Sierra Leone’s Development Assistance Coordination Office (DACO).
  7. The content of the Wiki Page should be descriptive, informing the reader about the activities, objectives, location, funding, history etc… of the partner or programme. Map Editors can add new headings as they see fit.
  8. Wiki Pages should be linked to other relevant Wiki Pages. For example, a Wiki Page about a programme should be linked to the Wiki Page about its funders and implementers, and vice versa.
  9. Any Map Editor deemed to be sabotaging Wiki Pages will have their access restricted.
  10. We are aiming at a comprehensive description of the aid sector in Sierra Leone. However, given the open nature of the way we are gathering this information , readers are advised to treat it with caution. All information should be double checked with the relevant authorities (i.e. the particular partner in question).