HD Online Player (the Sims 4 Incest Mod) 🕴

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HD Online Player (the Sims 4 Incest Mod)

there has been a lot of uproar over ea’s decision to change the way that the sims 4 allows players to modify their game. the reason for the change is that ea has been receiving complaints from parents who feel that it is inappropriate to play the sims 4 with a friend who is their teenage daughter. the reason for this is that players’ the sims 4 sims may find themselves in situations that they were simply not intended to be in.

originally, the intent was to offer full game content as a free option to players who had enjoyed the game and wanted to continue their experience. this is why they created the play first option for the sims 4. players can buy the full game in a limited time for around $40 and get access to all the content without waiting for the free period. however, the community had some issues with that payment model. this is when the enhanced edition was introduced. this was a content-rich version of the game.

the enhanced edition brought with it higher-quality content, such as expanded family content, a new building feature and more. it also introduced the pet expansion, which was a new feature with the possibility of adding pets to your household. while this had its own set of issues, such as the pets themselves were a little awkward to interact with, it did show the direction the sims would be going from this point. at the time, ea stated that they would no longer be offering an enhanced edition for free and that they would be introducing an online only option. players would be able to buy the game and play it online without being able to access all the content, and by doing so, they would have to buy the enhanced edition.

as the sims 4 grows ever more popular, there are more and more players who are sims-trashing. to prevent themselves from having to deal with the game, many players are selling off their virtual items. every month, the sims community comes together to swap items on the game s steam marketplace.
patch 132 also includes a number of important bug fixes, but sadly, a couple of major issues remain. the first is that the in-game announcer still refers to sims as male, even if you’ve chosen to customise the gender of your avatar and that of your sim. likewise, if you have a sim with a wants or fears system set up, the male and female sim will still be referred to as such, even if you’ve changed the gender of your sim to female. the second issue is even worse; if you have any baby toddlers in your household, the older ones will still refer to them as babies. this is obviously rather upsetting to adult sims who have just matured and to parents who have toddlers in the household.
mod makers can no longer share mods for free. they must become a member of a paid membership site. they will continue to be eligible to receive the monthly content updates but will not be eligible to receive any future major feature updates. this change affects all mod creators, not just those that are currently members of paid membership sites. it also does not apply to all the sims 4 mods, only those that were shared for free. just because a mod no longer has to be for free to be shared, it does not mean that you are now allowed to sell it. there are many different ways to charge for mods in the sims 4 including, but not limited to: membership fees, one-off sales, in-game store items, subscription services, and donations.


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