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PDF Watermarker is a lightweight and easy-to-use application that lets you quickly insert watermarks for PDF files.
Create seamless PDF watermarks
Overlay text, graphic, or QR code watermarks on your PDFs.
Easily apply text, graphic, and QR code watermarks to all PDFs in a folder
Move, resize, colorize, rotate, crop, and save watermarks to a separate folder
Import a text file with watermark information to set the watermark settings
Create PDF watermarks with a few mouse clicks, and easily apply one or more watermarks in batch to PDFs in a folder
PDF Watermarker Features:
Applies text, graphic, and QR codes watermarks on PDFs
Inserts watermarks in JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, and GIF formats
Creates watermark patterns in a folder and saves them as PNG files
Applies user and guest passwords to PDF files
Free PDF Watermarker Full Crack Pros:
Simple and Intuitive
Automatically inserts watermarks on each new PDF you open
Automatically extracts PDFs in a folder to create watermark files with watermark settings and watermarks
Automatically creates PDF watermarks with a few mouse clicks
User and guest passwords can be applied in batch to PDFs in a folder
Free PDF Watermarker Crack For Windows Cons:
The application only supports watermarks on PDFs, but not other files such as images and audio.
The application does not include a watermark merging functionality.
It does not include password-protecting capabilities
Integrations and Connectors:
Tools that allow you to connect, interact, or automate actions in other software
Operating System:
Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: macOS 10.10 or later
Free PDF Watermarker Free Download Download:


After using PDFegreePDF Watermark, I found it fulfilled my requirements and also is easy to use.
– Quickly use the Overlay or Text watermark on PDFs.
– Set Password and set watermark for PDF.
– Export or Save the watermark to a separate folder.
– Allow user to change the font, text, line-height, size, rotate, border and left, top and right positions for the watermark.
– Generate watermark PNG files for easy management and application.
– Watermark PNG files can be applied to any

Free PDF Watermarker Crack

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What’s New in the Free PDF Watermarker?

The application is available for free. You can download it here.
Key features:
1. Collect and add PDFs to process
2. Choose the watermark to apply
3. Create graphic and/or text watermarks
4. Apply user password for secure documents
5. Select page range to apply watermark
6. View PDF watermark text and image
How to activate the offer?
You have to complete a brief 5 question survey about your interest in the app. Once the survey is finished, you get your reward. Then, you get a 5000 points keycode which you redeem to unlock the app.
That is it. Enjoy!
Free PDF Watermarker Download

Full web-based watermarking solution – embed, erase and apply images watermarks on virtually any document without damaging them.
Monitor your watermarks with the built-in interface and view statistics, undo edits and see all the history. Protect your watermarks in a bulk with a license key.
Why watermark my documents?
Because, there are so many people, who pretend that your idea is theirs, and that they produced this thing themselves. Also, we just sometimes want to know what’s the relation between who we meet and we.
Can I add watermarks to other programs?
Absolutely. You can watermark images with enhanced version of Free PDF Watermarker.
Most popular graphic files formats are supported – JPG, TIF, GIF, PNG, PDF and PSD.
It is recommended to turn on “Change page layout to different from original” option to erase watermarks completely.
You can build your own PDF watermarks with watermark image using one of the following:
– Free PDF Watermarker
– pdftk
– ImageMagick
– pdftk + ImageMagick
– Free PDF Watermarker + ImageMagick
Is it safe? Yes, it is very safe, although you need to register. And it would be a shame to register, if you don’t need watermarking app for your commercial work.
Simply, set your email and visit the site to activate the application.
If you don’t register – your watermarks will be deleted when your account expires. You still can get all your watermarks from the history. And you can restore them if you want.
After registering, you need to create a license key with the code you will receive on the email. Please, use it, only if you

System Requirements:

Windows 7
Radeon 4850 or higher
8GB of free space
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