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FpcROUTE was developed to be console file translator application with integrated support in FreePCB. As such, it can be launched form within FreePCB or directly from a command shell.
FpcROUTE will translate a FreePCB board into an Specctra design file suitable for import into Alfons Wirtz’s web based Freerouter. Prerouted wiring, FromTos, keepouts and power planes can be defined within FreePCB to control how the board is autorouted.
FpcROUTE will also perform the reverse translation by converting a Specctra session file, output by Freerouter, into a routed FreePCB board file.
The command line syntax was designed for simple yet flexible operation. The full syntax consists of the program name followed by optional switches and one or two file names:

C:> fpcroute [switches] [path1]name1[.ext1] [[path2]name2[.ext2]]
If only one file name is entered, it will be used for both the FreePCB and Specctra files. If the file name includes an extension, the name will be used as entered for the FreePCB source file; the Specctra name will use the base name with the extension changed to “.dsn” or “.ses” as appropriate. If the file name does not include a extension, “.fpc”, “.dsn” or “.ses” will be added as needed.


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FpcROUTE 1.2.7 [March-2022]

FpcROUTE is a console file translator application that translates schematic files (autorouted FreePCB 1.x design files and manually routed Specctra files generated by Freerouter and/or Gpibxer) into autorouted FreePCB 2.x design files that can be used to easily define a PCB. The autorouter is done via the standard schematic rout functions of FreePCB.
Specctra files are also autorouted to create SONAR files and may be used to create a Gerber (LGA) or SOM templates using Gerber to Xpress if needed.
The following functionalities are included in FpcROUTE:
Autorouting – component placement, component data entry and parameter input, assembly by reference (complete with the parts list for that assembly) and mounting position and orientation.
Power supplies and power flows
Advanced power element placement
Masking (noise reduction)
Power termination schemes
Gnd detection
Power plane design
Keepout definition
Custom routing
VoIP and DSP
FastRTL – interactive GUI for graphical assembly of VHDL/Verilog designs
Unmatched quality of roughtness and functionality.
The FpcROUTE GUI is called fpc2router.exe if you want to use the tool outside of FpcROUTE.
What is new in version
Improved COM support
Improved translate actions
Improved project management
Improved design load
Fixed handle closing issue

What is new in version
Support for new FreePCB features (DIP, BGA)
Enhanced project support (backported project files)
Improved forum topic creation and cross-posting

What is new in version
Added support for use with FreePCB 2.0
Improved routing performance
Improved coordinate management

What is new in version
Integrated OpenBoard/Gpibxer support
Configurable line width
Implementation of Gerber support
Improved support for SMD
Improved component library support
Improved power management
Support for optional internal filtering options
New optional GUI in VHDL or Verilog (incompatible with

FpcROUTE 1.2.7 Crack+ Free Download For Windows

FpcROUTE, available as a DOS and Windows command line application, was written during 2006/2007 for users of FreePCB and users of Specctra router, such as Alfons Wirtz’s WebRouter and WebRouter Pro.
FpcROUTE is Free and Open Source and therefore is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
Utilities used by FpcROUTE:
FpcROUTE was designed to be fast and easy to use. It is based on two independent sub-applications. The first of these is Rsctate, which is designed for quickly defining and verifying common routing standards such as the FromTos, Via, Power and Keep-Outs standards employed in printed circuit board assembly. It was designed for quickly generating a full set of Specctra session files for a full set of paths.
The second sub-application is FreeRouter, a tool that “routes” the routing labels assigned by FreePCB. FreeRouter was developed by Jakob Scholl to provide a simple, easy to use tool for automating the routing process for Specctra router users.
The Rsctate and FreeRouter sub-applications were designed such that a single specctra project may be constructed by creating a simple “path” in FreeRouter, then converting it into a “session” file in Rsctate, and finally using FpcROUTE to convert it into a Specctra router session file.
As both Rsctate and FreeRouter are open source and free of charge, they can be downloaded and used for personal and commercial use.
In addition, Rsctate and FreeRouter can be used, in combination with FreePCB, to create a Rsctate file for a specctra project. This allows a single path to be exported to a file by FreePCB, then a specialized Rsctate file created for that path to be used with FpcROUTE to create a Specctra output file.
FpcROUTE Examples:
One of the first things you must do when configuring your FreePCB project is assign routing standards such as FromTos, Via, Power, Wire Keep-Out and Wire Run. These

FpcROUTE 1.2.7 Activator 2022

The program acts in two modes: as a console file translator, or as a simple command line alternative.
When run in its console mode, FpcROUTE will first try to read from the standard input.
To turn off the console mode, use “-c” as the program name (the same as command line mode).
The command line mode will attempt to read from standard input and output.
It will also read parameters from the command line in the following format:
Name=Value [Name=Value]
Options can be defined in the file: Options.dat using the defined switches.
-p/–primary primary Source Designator.
-1/–secondary secondary Source Designator.
-R/–no-red don’t generate red components.
-O/–no-red don’t generate power rails.
-D/–draw-diamonds generate a large, single source.
-C/–no-cribbing generate enough of the board for components not shown.
-D/–autoroute-dir name of directory, containing a “.autoroute” file name for the generated board.
-D/–autoroute-parent parent directory, containing a “.autoroute” file, if any. This is specified for autorouting.
-S/–autoroute-session autoroute version and session filename.
-T/–autoroute-xsd autoroute version and xsd file.
-O/–autoroute-opc automates autorouting when the specification has multiple source designators. It requires the xsd file.
-H/–autoroute-shapepin geometrical shapes of autorouted parts.
-Q/–autoroute-maskpin masks for autorouting and uses additional geometrical shapes.
-L/–autoroute-via-point some pads will be autorouted. There are options for how the paths should be routed.
-A/–autoroute-layer interlayer routing not in a vias.
-B/–autoroute-intergate forms of via routing under gates.
-I/–autoroute-one-sided routing on a single side

What’s New in the?

FpcROUTE is a fast, console based FPC to FreePCB converter, that can also perform the reverse operation.

FpcROUTE is mainly an FpcROUTE derived from FPC
console file translator.
FpcROUTE can also be used as gui application
to create a free from a Specctra session file.
FpcROUTE can also perform the reverse operation,
and to translate a from a FreePCB board into
Specctra session file output a FreePCB design file.

When a Specctra session file is is already written
created in a FreePCB board file it will automatically when
rewrite it for use with the Specctra program.

Because the source design


System Requirements For FpcROUTE:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz (or higher)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 500 MB free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Playable with a mouse
OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 / Core i7 / AMD Ryzen
How to install and run the game?
1. Run the executable file


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