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Although disk space is less of a concern, this doesn't mean a storage device can't quickly fill up. In order to prevent this, some online services limit the maximum transfer size, or even pictures you try to upload. For the latter category, FatFree Photo Resizer comes as a nifty tool to quickly bring photos to the desired size specifications.
Intuitive set of options
Once setup is done, you can take the application for a spin, and opt to have it brought up as soon as the installer closes. A pretty compact window shows up, letting you know that one input method is to simply drop a selection of photos over the target area to get started. Note, however, that the conversion process automatically starts when pictures are added, and it's a good idea to visit the settings panel first.
The settings panel offers several options related to quality output, maximum dimension representing width, action to take when encountering a duplicate file, as well as some general behavior options like showing a notification when conversion is done, or to have the destination folder brought up.
Decent file support and quick processing
In terms of file support, the application allows you to process formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG. Unfortunately, you can't pick a single format for output, so the resized images come under the same type. Adjusting quality of output images only works for those under the JPG format.
As mentioned, the process starts just as you add pictures, with a progress panel showing up in the meantime. By default, output files are delivered in the source folder under different names, but you can choose to have original files overwritten, or saved to a new directory in the source folder for easy identification.
A few last words
To sum it up, FatFree Photo Resizer is a fast method of resizing a bunch of pictures to then be able to use them where needed. Multiple photos of different formats can be processed at a time, and even though there are only a few features, these are enough to keep the process simple and efficient.







FatFree Photo Resizer Incl Product Key [Mac/Win]

Converts multiple images to their specified sizes with ease

Save the results to a set of pre-defined directories as output files

Resize images to multiple sizes

Can apply a wide range of resizing parameters

Supports formats like JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG

Able to resize JPG files as PDF files

Include file path, allow overwriting existing files

A simple interface

Supported formats

File size

One of the major pitfalls of photo resizing is the fact that your individual picture sizes won’t be the same. For example, when resizing a large image to a smaller size, much of it will be lost. The same logic applies to resizing to multiple sizes. In terms of picture size, there are many different factors to consider, like aspect ratio, image angle, and more. With FatFree Photo Resizer, you can easily and quickly select one of the included presets or create your own size specification.

The user interface is simple, with an intuitive color palette that makes it easy to navigate. The application offers one basic operation of selecting a folder for resizing, as well as the number of pictures to be converted in the batch. After you provide the size parameters and options, you can let the application do all the work and simply hover over or click any file on the screen as it’s resizing.

FatFree Photo Resizer Conclusions:

Works well for a wide range of formats

Quick processing time

Works with JPG files

Resizes efficiently

Photo resizing works better with files having a larger proportion of data

Very easy to navigate

Split the resized image into separate dimensions

Ability to analyze files and location

There is enough options for customizing conversion settings, and you can preview the settings as you go along

The tool supports TIFF files for some of its features

Can be used for multiple formats

FatFree Photo Resizer Screenshots:

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Download Photo Recorder

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Click to play: A two-step process allows you to compress and resize a
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Create resized photos of all your great pics in one click!


Extract any of the pictures’ information from the original, just like
cropping, rotating, or editing them.


Enforce your own Image Resizing Rules. You can keep images fit for all
your friends and your image size limits


Compress (e.g. JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF) and resize (Up to 700×700) any
image with only a few clicks. You can’t find an easy-to-use
application that can do it in less than a minute with this feature.


Resize the photos that overflow the padding area to fit in any mobile
device (like phones and tablets), too!


Resize photos based on their width, height, or both.

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Source: AnvSoft


Photomator from the developers of Lightroom is a mobile photography workflow app.

See on the Google Play Store.


I found an app called resizer, which is very easy to use and doesn’t have any bloated features. It’s a java app, but you should be able to make it work on your phone.

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FatFree Photo Resizer Crack Free Download

Convert your graphics, photo and video on the go from any of the popular formats like JPEG, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, AVI, FLV and WMV to the desired size and to any of the popular mobile phone, PSP, iPod, PS2, Win CE, Blackberry, etc. Using FatFree Photo Resizer you can convert a group of photos to any other file format quickly. The best part is, it is completely free.

FatFree Photo Resizer is a fast method of resizing a bunch of pictures to then be able to use them where needed. Multiple photos of different formats can be processed at a time, and even though there are only a few features, these are enough to keep the process simple and efficient.
FatFree Photo Resizer is available for free. You will need to download the application from their site. FatFree Photo Resizer Download E. A., et al., 2001, ApJ, 553, 562

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Tremaine, S., et al., 2002, ApJ, 574, 740

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What’s New in the FatFree Photo Resizer?

FatFree Photo Resizer is a program that lets you resize multiple images in one go. It works on all formats of images including JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, and PNG with unlimited dimensions.

With all elements taken into account, FatFree Photo Resizer is a rather…

With all elements taken into account, FatFree Photo Resizer is a rather complete application, with most of what is needed right out of the box.Photo : Alex Wong ( Getty Images )

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