Fallout New Vegas Black Textures Fix HOT! 🆙



Fallout New Vegas Black Textures Fix

The ideal configuration is Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti and an enormous monitor. If you’re using a lower end card and your monitor is not large enough to show all the textures that are being installed, I am not sure if, despite the PR, you’ll be able to use a shader with this set. Again, the fields that we used to store all the textures are held in system memory and are shared, so reaching the limits can cause loss of texture data. It can also cause other issues like blue blurs and other artifacts, as you guessed. Unless we can find a way to solve this problem, the data loss is this patch .

Because most games dont use that feature, most the textures will end up corrupt if you try to apply these fixes in a game. So we just use it at this point. I’m thinking of making it mandatory for games that use that feature.

This never occurred to me until now. In my install of this build, it just installed the textures into game and didn’t bother to check the other stuff, like the default fields. I’ll be sure to check the default fields on future installs, even if we solve this, as it still seems reasonable to be able to select where textures should go.

Comments like the above might make you wonder: why didn’t Bethesda fix this error when they released the original version of the game on PC? Well, as far as I know, the only person who knew about this bug is Patches. He was not very active and only posted about the issue in a private forum for modders at the time. But his claim that this was a standard feature has made him a legend among Fallout fans and he actually produced evidence which even led a mod author to admit it. So how did it become such a known bug only now? In November of 2015, a user by the name of Flanky noticed that he could not delete a file by pressing the Backspace button on the keyboard, and that the file showed up in their Documents folder. This is when Patches produced his evidence which consisted of a screenshot of his Documents folder and files on the right side of it with the default Windows desktop. For the benefit of anybody who didn’t know that this was a bug, that file simply belonged to Fallout: New Vegas, and was actually meant to display an error. This led people to believe that the game crashed whenever you pressed backspace. However, Patches’s screenshot actually showed that the same thing happened whenever you pressed the Delete key. So when Bethesda didn’t fix this problem, a popular modder for the first time found a different problem, and that’s when a lot of people became aware of this bug.

i have also noticed that textures on walls appear in black, and sometimes when i move into some areas that are supposed to have walls, they are just walls of black. its like something’s black and its out of place. it might also be the fact that i have not played a lot of fallout since the first one and maybe i am missing something that makes it happen and i just don’t know what it is.
it was a while ago when i first saw it, so it might be fixed in the new version. i just made a mod where the “black texture bug” is fixed, so if you would like to try it out, i have a beta version for you on my xbox360 under the name: “ttw black textures”. you can download it here: ttw black textures.
the black texture bug however did not happen before the editing. in all the countless hours that i played ttw. besides that, the texture bug does not immediately appear, it seems like that the amount of fco heads somehow brick something in the game, since it takes a minute before the bodies suddenly go crazy (normal vanilla clothings produce the same problems).
the only time i had a strange blackish texture was when something was missing or a path was pointing to an incorrect texture; not sure what’s causing this though. you mentioned clearing vram within enb fixes it somewhat i’m just guessing, but it almost sounds like there’s a bad texture or map causing the graphics card to allocate more than it needs under certain conditions (almost sounds like specular mapping- light reflections). or, a scaling problem per se; when you get closer to something, the engine scales up the texture, which is looking for a higher/ lower res and it can’t find it. i wish i could offer more here.



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