Ezee Front Desk Hotel Software Crack Download EXCLUSIVE

Ezee Front Desk Hotel Software Crack Download EXCLUSIVE


Ezee Front Desk Hotel Software Crack Download

eZee FrontDesk Hotel Management Software is a web based hotel reservation software for hotel rooms, hotels and motels.


The installation process is simple, and is suitable for the novice users. Professional features make Ezee FrontDesk hotel software very powerful.
Make free reservation of rooms, kitchen, and other facilities using the easy-to-use interface.

The following features include:

 · key management of all kinds

 · payment method

 · find any hotel room

 · charge for the room and other services

 · multiple billing methods

The main menu feature of the software contains the following

 · Front Desk

 · Manage Breakfast

 · Manage Restaurants

 · Manage Hotels

 · Manage Kitchens

 · Manage User

 · Manage Users

 · Manage Servers

 · Manage Inventory

Ezee FrontDesk can be used by any types of hotel, Restaurant, Motel and Hotels. These features are enough to promote it as a best hotel management software.

Computer Hardware

Supported Operating systems

Ezee FrontDesk hotel software is compatible with following Windows Operating Systems.

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000


Ezee FrontDesk hotel software will not be compatible with following Linux operating systems.


Other Features

âÂœIt’s easy to make free reservation, and also easy to search any hotel roomâÂœ No other hotel reservation software allows searching and booking any hotel room with the ease and simplicity that Ezee FrontDesk allows.

âÂœCharge for the room and other servicesâÂœ Ezee FrontDesk hotel software features charge, reserve, block any facility for any period of time and manage billing.

âÂœDifferent billing methodsâÂœ Ezee FrontDesk hotel software features support multiple billing methods.Q:

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