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Although designed as a frontend for the DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) command-line utility, Dism++ brings to the table a lot more than an image file management and creation utility. In fact, it is a complex mix of tools for cleaning and optimizing the system, managing startup items, drivers, Windows updates or features, and handling Windows image files.
Disk cleaning and startup management in a single place
With no setup process to go through, Dism++ starts as you double-click its main executable. It reveals an organized interface with a simple navigation menu that offers one-click access to all its features.
The Disk Cleaner is the first tool in the list, retrieving information about data that occupies storage space and that can be removed. To be more specific, you can erase the search history, the updates installation history, error reports, leftovers and temporary files, cache files, and Windows Store residual data.
Dism++ also bundles a startup manager that helps you decide which apps and commands should be executed with Windows at startup or at boot.
Manage Windows image files and create WIM backups
If you are looking for the image file management tools, they can be found in the Toolkit. You can convert ESD images to ISO or WIM format, edit Windows image files, and pack up the contents of a folder in an ISO file.
However, not all the tools here are about image files. There is a system backup (as a WIM image) and restore utility, a user account manager, a startup fixer, and a tool that allows you to run any command in God mode. During our tests, the File Explorer failed to start.
System optimization and tweaking options
Dism++ can also act as a system optimization tool, enclosing multiple tweaks that you can apply, be it in the Windows Explorer, the Windows updates, network, services, or other area. Furthermore, it can manage installed drivers, application associations, Windows features and updates, providing an alternative to the Control Panel to some extent.
All-in-one system management and tweaking tool
One cannot argue Dism++ is not a comprehensive toolbox. And while advanced users will be glad to find out they have multiple tools at hand, the way they are organized is not the best.
It's obvious that Dism++ requires further improvements but, overall, can be of help to those who want to clean, backup and optimize their system. It is much more than a GUI for DISM, it is a tweaking tool for any Windows user.







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What’s in the box?
Dism++ requires Windows 7 (at least Service Pack 1), Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 (at least Service Pack 1), or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (Service Pack 1) to run.
The interface is clean and simple to use. The Help file (right-click Dism++) contains an introduction to how the Dism++ tool works.
Dism++ is freeware.
Reviewed by Thomas Huf

Whether you are looking for a video editor, a file archiving tool, a photo editor, etc. you will find an alternative.
The program is free and based on a list of apps from the Microsoft Store. It is developed by ABCsoft, founded in 2004 by Vu Nguyen and Nguyen Anh Chung as the creators of avasoft player.
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ABCsoft is a reliable partner of Microsoft, with several apps for Windows operating systems included on the Windows Store.
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Dism++ Download 2022

Displays information about a Microsoft Windows disk drive, including the disk drive’s name, description, capacity, manufacturer, type, and volume serial number.
Includes a wizard to create a Windows bootable disk that can be bootable from a network.
Creates a safe link between an image file and a file, allowing you to recover an image without having to have original copies of the image files.
Creates an ISO file of a volume.
Creates Windows bootable CD and DVD images that can be booted from any CD or DVD.
Automates unattended processes on a scheduled basis.
Creates Windows Bootable CD and DVD.
Creates System and User Restore Points on a scheduled basis.
Packs Windows images to ISO files and creates backup images that can be used for system recovery.

Microsoft update and feature management tool
Clean all your system files

Dism++ has a Windows Advanced Options (Advanced Settings) dialog box for advanced operations. Among them are Clearing the Windows Temp Files and Directories, Cleaning Temporary Folders and Automatically Erasing Remote Desktop Session Files on Reboot. To be more precise, these features are part of the Windows System File Checker (sfc.exe) utility that is activated from the Disc Management section.
Install, update and remove applications, drivers, games, and Windows features
Dism++ can help you install, update, and uninstall applications, drivers, games, and Windows features.

For example, if you want to update a specific application, you can choose a specific installer file to update, while for drivers, there is a Search button so you can access all the drivers that are available. With Dism++ you can also roll back the last modifications in all Windows system areas.

To this end, there is a Windows tab in which you can find Windows updates, Windows features, Windows drivers, or Windows applications. The Drivers tab is where you will find the drivers that are installed on your system.

Live images and snapshots for system restore
Dism++ can also be used as a tool for system recovery. The Recovery tab, located in the Windows tab, can be used to create Windows partitions, customize the filesystem, or boot with a Windows repair disc. You can also backup and restore your files, and live images of your PC can be saved on a disk or network drive.

Dism++ also offers a snapshot, or save image, feature, in case you want to save the state of your


The DisManPlus++ (aka Dism++ ) tools help you manage your Windows image files (ISO, ESD) so that you can create, edit, and create WIM backup image files of the computer.
Dism++ has many more features that help you optimize your Windows computer.
*It helps fix the Windows startup problem.
*It helps to correct multiple problems.
*It can help you fix problems with the StartupItems.
*It can help you for renaming the Programs (and rename the environment variable).
*It can help you to fix the problem with the Internet Explorer (and make IE the default browser).
*It can help you to fix the problem with the Firefox.
*It can help you to improve the browsing speed.
*It can help to optimize the RAM.
*It can help to increase the speed of the Windows computers.
*It can help to fix multiple problems.
*It can help to solve the problem with the time you last connected to the internet.
*It can help to fix the problem you have with the CPU (and get the CPU ID information).
*It can help you to repair the Windows Registry (and can repair the Windows Registry).
*It can help you to fix the problem you have with the IP.
*It can help you to increase the performance of the Windows computer.
*It can help you to find the best installation CD.
*It can help you to fix the problem you have with the Games (and can add multiple Games).
*It can help to fix the problem with the device driver.
*It can help you to fix multiple problems.
*It can help to optimize the hard disk.
*It can help you to find the best Dxdiag software.
*It can help you to optimize your Windows hard drive.
*It can help to fix the problem you have with the version you’re using (and get the version information).
*It can help you to fix the problem you have with the repair process.
*It can help you to fix the problem you have with the Internet Connection.
*It can help you to fix the problem you have with the updates.
*It can help you to optimize Windows.
*It can help you to optimize your Windows version.
*It can help you to optimize the applications.
*It can help you to optimize the Programs.
*It can help you to optimize the PC.

What’s New in the Dism ?

 “a frontend to the CLI tool”

 “a tool for cleaning, updating, managing, and creating images and toolsets”

 “a non-traditional installation/uninstallation of programs and configuration”

 “a Windows image file system, access, and analysis toolkit”

 “an image (aka disc image) creation, update, converting, and manipulating utility”

 “a utility for solving boot problems”

 “a utility for Windows configuration such as association, startup and file management”

 “a configurator for Windows and Linux systems”

 “a tool to find and clean up temporary files”

 “a tool to fix some startup issues”

 “a tool to fix all kinds of startup issues”

 “a tool to recover missing drivers”

 “a tool to fix all sorts of driver installation issues”

 “a tool that lets you customize the Windows XP”

 “a tool to make Windows XP like Linux”

 “a tool to configure Windows user accounts”

 “a tool to create encrypted ISO files”

 “a tool to make ISO files”

 “a tool to install Ubuntu, Windows XP, or Linux”

 “a tool to create a bootable ISO image (aka disk image)”

 “a tool to convert ISO files to other image format (WIM)”

 “a tool to import images into Ubuntu by converting them to ISO and CD”

 “a tool to extract a Windows XP CD image”

 “a tool to extract Windows XP installation CD from an ISO image”

 “a tool to retrieve Windows XP installation CD from an existing installation”

 “a tool to extract Windows installation CD from an existing installation”

 “a tool that allows you to use your Windows XP in God mode”

 “a tool to allow you to use your Windows XP in God mode”

 “a tool to change your system’s hostname”

 “a tool to delete unwanted files


System Requirements:

Uncharted3 (Classic)
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Uncharted 2
Fiji (or equivalent)
Package includes:
●Uncharted 3 – Nuketown
●Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
●Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
●Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
●Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection Remastered
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