Cs 16 Knife Cfg 5m

Cs 16 Knife Cfg 5m

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Cs 16 Knife Cfg 5m

the term “gun control” has been used to describe a variety of different approaches to crime prevention in order to codify and institutionalize the criminal prohibitions on possessing firearms. knife control, however, is quite different, and is generally portrayed as a means of preventing “weapons of choice” from being used in crime. gun control must first define the problem. if the problem is domestic violence, then it is difficult to justify hunting rifles or hunting knives. if the problem is violent crime in general, then a very different means of restricting firearms will be chosen. knife control is the most effective means of reducing crime, especially violent crime, and much of the support for gun control is a smokescreen to allow the politicians to introduce more restrictions on our lives. knife control is an issue of national security, while gun control is an issue of personal freedom. knife rights recognizes that knife control is the appropriate means of enhancing public safety and knife ownership is a violation of neither the constitution nor the second amendment. knife rights is committed to being a catalyst for change in our society by changing laws to protect knife ownership. knife rights is providing primary educaiton that promotes the personal, economic, and individual freedoms that is the best tool we have for creating a safer, more law-abiding society.

knife rights advocates across the country are very passionate about their knives and are always willing to provide information or assistance to their local police and politicians if they are asked for assistance. if you are a knife rights volunteer in a local chapter, please send us your status in this newsletter and we will be in touch with you.

“we are certainly excited for this new venture into plano. this is an exciting time for the ranch and chef tesar. we’ve worked closely with him on this new project and are very excited to finally give the guests a taste of the quality cuts of meat he can offer that are the best of the best.
bill carrick, former owner of the highland dallas and the highlands of dallas said that “the ranch is the perfect home for chef tesar’s vision and cooking style. tesar’s menu and techniques will be instantly recognizable to longtime knife steakhouse customers.”
chef john tesar is a sought after television personality nationally known for his innovative cooking and transformation of traditional staples into something people haven’t experienced before. tesar has appeared on the today show, the kitchen boss, and on the chew, as well as countless other media outlets. tesar uses the same cooking methods at knife steakhouse as he does at the knife in dallas. his dry aged, hand rubbed steaks, meatballs, and sides will be served at knife steakhouse in plano.
we are extremely excited to be serving our first menu at knife steakhouse. we will be focusing on fresh cuts and traditional family recipes in our five-course tasting menu. we want to try to learn from chef tesar, the other owners, our chefs and our team members for a unique experience.
since opening the knife on may 6, 2013 in dallas, chef john tesar has garnered critical acclaim from top media nationwide for his dry-aged steaks, signature meatballs and sides and his new contemporary take on traditional dishes. he is known for his sensational steaks and is the only steakhouse in the city to offer hand-rubbed beef dry aged for up to 240 days and served with an 18-year-old amoroso cheese. his original menu was developed with his guests in mind and has become the benchmark for steakhouses.


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