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Chuck Berry – The Anthology 2 CD-torrent.torrent

Chuck Berry has been the most influential recording artist of the rock ‘n’ roll era. When he performed, he created his own sound, his own energy, his own image. He was the first to turn the four-and-a-half-minute recording session into a 15-minute rock show. He set the standard for live performance. To be a rock ‘n’ roll star, you had to move and shake and hit those notes. And he did all of that.

The first Chuck Berry album, his second on Chess Records, was released in October 1956. The record made it to No. 1 on the Billboard R&B chart and sold over a million copies.But even though it won him the first of three Grammy awards, Berry had long since found his home. “I felt like a man who’d been trapped in a building,” Berry said, a statement that would guide his artistic life. At the time of his debut, he hadn’t been playing professionally for more than 10 years; he’d been performing in clubs and as a soloist. So at age 28, Berry made his move: That summer he joined the Atlanta Blues and Jazz band, and later he traveled to Los Angeles, where he learned to play like a session musician, one of the countless numbers who supported Chuck Berry by his side.

Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode The original 1957 single was #1 from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Chuck Berry. Includes liner notes: “Johnny B. Goode — WBCN Big Chuck Berry Show Chuck Berry – Johnny B. Goode; Chuck Berry – The Maytals; Chuck Berry – Major Bow Leasing Company; Chuck Berry – Bop don’t leave me; Chuck Berry – Back in the U.S.A.; Chuck Berry – Seven Years (1958); Chuck Berry – Cold, Cold Reed; Chuck Berry – Maybelline; Chuck Berry – Carvin your body – Patio; Chuck Berry – Callin’ me – Chuck Berry; Chuck Berry – Shanty in..

starman was one of the first pop singles to feature a full horn section. co-produced by phil spector, it was released in february, 1958 and immediately started climbing the billboard chart, outracing everyone except elvis. by the time anyone is done with this album, they will feel a tremendous rush of pleasure and emotion. the multiple layers of music, the instrumentals as well as lead vocals, and the whole atmosphere of the song are something nobody has seen before. when berry plays his song with a deep voice that goes up to the very bottom of his throat, it sounds like three people are singing. it was such a complex, different experience. i grew up with it, and as i grew up, music just got bigger.
we also experienced the music in a different way. when i was growing up, i remember walking around my house, listening to this song, and feeling the same buzz that the characters in the movie felt. it was like i felt a little older because i was hooked. my heart would start racing and i couldn’t stop from thinking about it. it didn’t feel like any other song i’d ever heard, but it felt like someone had been holding my hands and was guiding me through the music. the record sounded like it was cracking, like a fingernail scratched across a blackboard, and the horns at the end of the song were breaking my heart just like the track did the audience.’
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