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Atmel AVR Studio 5.1 .rar

hi my friends
i’m have an avr ucontroller atmega8a and using atmel studio 7 for my code,
want to build an infra red remote control with a library that define a class in its header file (irremote.h),
and as i know c language doesn’t support class type (not oop), so when i compile the program with the name main.c,i’ve got a tons of error and after googling the issue i have renamed the main.c to main.cpp and compiled the app i’ve stuck with two errors

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by default if you have installed this software you will have an icon named atmel avr studio 5 that will be on your desktop. atmel avr studio 5 provides a development environment for arduino microcontrollers and for atmel’s avr 8-bit microcontrollers. by default, the program provides the same features as atmel avr studio 4.9. you can use the ide to program the atmel avr 8-bit microcontrollers with an atmel 8-bit avr bootloader.

the following versions: 5.1, 5.0 and 4.9 were the most frequently downloaded ones by the program users. avr studio lies within development tools, more precisely debugging tools. the common filenames for the program’s installer are avrstudio.exe, avrstudio5.exe, avr32studio.exe, studio.exe or _294823.exe etc. this free pc program deals with.aps file.

hi i’ve been trying to use the pwm api in atmel studio (ver 6.11), it seems to be supported but my code says i need to #include “avr/pwm.h” when i do i get a “no such file or directory”. is this an issue with my visual studio or the compiler?
i’m trying to program a atmel avr ucontroller using arm-none-eabi-g++ but i get this error from the compiler: debug/gcc.exe: internal compiler error: trace/bpt trap: 5 (conversion failed/invalid target type)
1- i don’t understand if i have to use the constructor or the destructor for the class irremote, 2- if i have to use the constructor or the destructor? 3- why my irremote.cpp compile with the name main.cpp instead of main.cpp? 4- when i try to compile the irremote.cpp file i got a tons of errors. 5- if i want to delete the first and the last object of a list, how can i do that? 6- in the irremote.cpp class, in the header file (irremote.h), how to assign the numbers that i have defined inside a function to a string without change it? 7- in the irremote.cpp class, how to add one object to a list? 8- also if it is possible, i need to know if it is possible to use an irremote object as a parameter in another function, because if i use it as a parameter, the compiler doesn’t compile the code and if i use it as global variable, in this case the irremote object is deleted when the function stop. i need to keep my object alive in the function. where should i keep it?
i don’t know if the irremote.cpp class delete the object that i use in the function, because the class irremote is just in the header file and with the destructor that is declared in the header file. and if i try to use the constructor, my program delete the object with an other reason.

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