According to the Government’s latest Development Assistance Report,  52 multilateral and bilateral organisations disbursed funds for development assistance to Sierra Leone between 2012 and 2015. Together, these organisations made financial contributions to more than 450 separate programmes and projects.

Whatever aspect of Sierra Leone’s development you are working in, it is easy to get lost in all this. Who is doing what? Has it been done before?  Did it work? Is this project duplicating another one?

The Government’s publications can be a good source of official information on this. However, unofficial information may also be useful if it can be more up to date and detailed.

This website is an attempt to achieve that, by building a community sourced and maintained description of who is doing what.

We have generally followed the government’s categorization for both ‘types of agent’ and ‘sector or activity’. However, one change is that we have split NGOs/Vertical Funds into two separate categories of ‘types of agent’. We follow the government’s classification of the 25 sectors.

We believe that, in general, people working in Sierra Leone’s development sector are willing to share information about what they are doing, what they know about what others are doing, and what they know about what has been done before. By sourcing this information from anyone who is willing to offer it, we may be able to get a more up to date, more detailed account of development assistance in Sierra Leone, and in turn facilitate better coordination among development partners.